About Kohana

Japanese cuisine elevated by "Dashi," releasing the flavor of the each season

What is "Dashi," at Kohana
Shimmering golden brown, marinated with Shipjack tuna and the finest kelp to form our best "Ichiban Dashi,"
We combine the finest seasonal ingredients to create our "Ichiban Dashi"

Emphasizing the taste, aroma, flavor and spirit of each ingredient our "Ichiban Dashi" is the perfect complement to each dish, resulting in the perfect meal.



Taste our "Ichiban Dashi"

Our chef, Keisuke Syoji, began his relationship with "Dashi," during his tutelage at a famous restaurant in Kyoto.
Keisuke strives to serve customers "Dashi," formed from the unique combination of aroma and flavors born from our fresh ingredients.
This commitment to our customers guides him.



About our Cuisine

Mr. Syoji wants "customers to eat to the fullest and be happy,"
For the main dishes, fish and meat, he wants you to "just eat what you like," and "do as you like," in your own style. Our fish, Akashi Snappers & Sea ruffes are caught all across Japan. We serve a wide variety of meat, Miyazaki Beef, Hakata Chicken, and Sangenton all available for you to choose from. The choice is yours and we can serve anything from a simple Charcoal "yaki" (grill) to pepper "yaki" (grill), stew, or cutlets. Whether you want just one bite or a full belly we are happy to accommodate you.


3-28-2 Ebisu, Shibuya Ku
Tokyo, Japan

T. 03-6455-7826

Open: 17:30 - 23:00 (Last Order 21:00); Closed on Sundays & Holidays